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Do you own your own business in real estate, medical and dentistry or veterinary medicine?  Are you a high income earner that's wonders about whether you are paying too much in taxes each year?

TaxVantage Consulting, LLC specializes in business and tax strategy solutions for successful business owners, private practice medical professionals, and other high net worth individuals who typically earn  in excess of $500k annually.  Many of our clients have worked with other tax strategy specialists previously, but were left wondering if they were getting the best approach to how they were paying taxes. 

At Tax Vantage Consulting, we aim to create life-long relationships with our clients and will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with our process. We utilize our TrueTax™ process, a time tested, safe and reliable strategy, to identify personalized solutions that are guaranteed to lower your taxes, and streamline your personal and business financial goals.

Together, we are committed to understanding your unique profile, applying our strategies, and  providing you a roadmap for your best savings, investments, and financial future.  

About Wesley

Wesley Matejka is the Founder and President of TaxVantage Consulting. Wes has been helping people save money on their taxes for more than nine years. Wesley  is the #1 Best Selling author of "The Updated Ultimate Guide to CUTTING YOUR TAXES And Keeping More of What You Earn, Guaranteed!: Why Paying Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Less in Taxes Isn't "Too Good To Be True."   

Wes has been in the business of tax savings for...x years  and has saved x clients millions of dollars in tax savings...

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The team at Tax Vantage Consulting are a select group of tax professionals and trusted partners. ...

Our Process

Our TrueTax™ Process helps you retain more capital, turn your focus toward growing your business & your worth, and opens the door to your future options .  We utilize advanced tax strategies that will effectively reduce your taxes.  These strategies  are legal, ethical, and are backed by our TrueAudit™ guarantee. and can be found in the tax code and are available to every tax payer today. ​

We help you navigate this process and take the stress and worry from having to figure it out on your own. 

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