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Are you a real estate, medical, dentistry, or veterinary medicine business owner?  Are you a high income earner wondering if you pay too many taxes?  Have you worked with other tax or financial consultants, but question if the end result is tailored for your specific needs?

Then, we welcome you to TaxVantage Consulting, LLC. We invite you to explore our TrueTax™ process, fully backed by our TrueAudit™ guarantees.  We invite you to work together with our team of tax professionals and trusted partners to reduce your taxes and streamline your finances.  We invite you to experience our personalized approach, carefully tuned for your business, and allow us to finally put your „wondering‘s and questions“ to rest.  Contact us now to get started on turning your current success into more savings today; let us put more of your money to work for you today.

How we help our Clients

in tax deductions in 2018
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How We Work

Now that you have done your homework, and made the commitment to invest more in yourself and get more from your business, what happens next?  For you it is simple, because the very next step is our commitment to you.  We will systematically lead you through our tested and proven True Tax™ process to find out which of our business and tax strategies apply to your business profile.  

The first milestone begins with us implementing advanced tax strategies that will effectively reduce your taxes.  These strategies can be found in the tax code and are available to every tax payer today. The strategies are legal, ethical, and are backed by our TrueAudit™ guarantee.  At TaxVantage Consulting, we have all of the legal opinions and case law to back these strategies up, and we understand how to document them to satisfy the stringent IRS requirements.  At the conclusion of our first milestone, the result will be a reduction in your taxes which translates to more capital for your future business and personal goals. 

Our second milestone will be to introduce you to our team of specialized partners and firms to map out your business and personal financial options.  We have partnered with the best firms in their respective fields, each with their own core competency, to offer you the finest team of trusted advisors available today.  

Encompassed within these two broad milestones are a sophisticated series of checks and balances, and partners working together to ensure your best outcome.  We invite you now to take a closer look at the interim milestones of our TrueTax™ process, and to feel secure and confident with our TrueAudit™ guarantee.   We invite you to take the next step to discover how you can retain more capital, turn your focus toward growing your business & your worth, and open the door to your future options .

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