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It's time to role up our sleeves and get to work making sure you keep as much of your heard earned income each year. It’s time to simplify,  time to grow your business, and time to become more profitable.  How are we going to do that?  Below we explain in detail what you can expect from our TrueTax™, TrueAudit™  and Licenssee programs. 

TrueTax™ Process

Custom Tax Savings Plan: Created for your unique business, we will provide a plan that will reduce your taxes to the legal minimum.

Dedicated Tax Return Review: An independent, affiliated CPA firm will provide, from a tax reduction vantage point, a review on your existing deductions and filing procedures; with your permission. 

Business Tax Assessment: We will identify opportunities to reduce unnecessary flow through of taxable income from your business to your personal 1040.

R&D Tax Assessment: An analysis will be conducted to determine if your business qualifies for available R&D tax credits.  This assessment could allow us to recapture large amounts of taxes paid over the past three years.

Long Term Capital Gains Deferral Assessment:  An assessment will be made to determine eligibility of a 30-year deferral of all taxes for any upcoming sales of assets. 

Wealth Preservation and Retirement Health Analysis:  One of America’s most respected wealth advisory firms will conduct an analysis to evaluate your wealth preservation and report on your retirement health.

Corporate Entity and Protection Analysis:  An affiliated legal firm will provide an analysis of your existing legal structure to identify any risks or liabilities in regards to lawsuits and taxes. 

Retirement Plan Review: A review and analysis of your company retirement plan will also be conducted to determine if you are paying too much and getting too little.

Integrated Payroll Review: We will assess your payroll expense efficiencies to improve the overall tax savings strategy.

And last, but not least, while we get started on the TrueTax™ process for you, you can settle in with Complimentary copies of:

“HALF! The Ultimate Guide to Cutting Your Taxes in Half. GUARANTEED!” Written by me, Wesley Matejka, Founder and President of TaxVantage Consulting, LLC.  This book will serve as your guide to understanding the legitimacy and reality of cutting your taxes and retaining more capital for you.


“Rescued! - 401(k) Traps Business Owners Must Avoid and Fix” Written by my colleague, this book provides additional guidance for creating more personal wealth and saving additional taxes.


If you are ever audited for anything that TaxVantage Consulting, LLC has recommended then we’ve got you covered. TrueAudit™ is our commitment to you and provides a guarantee of the following to every client with which we partner:

  • Risk Free Guarantee: In case of an audit, we are committed to defending you through the audit process with absolutely no cost to you.
  • Cost Free Guarantee: In the event we should lose the audit, we are also committed to paying any penalties or interest accrued during the tax and audit process.

TaxVantage Consulting, LLC Licensee Program

 Are you fired up by our services and offerings at TaxVantage Consulting?  Have you profited from our processes and strategies?  Would you like to help other clients and businesses like yours save money, all the while making a profit for yourself?  Then becoming a TaxVantage Consulting Licensee will give you the opportunity to help others and grow your professional profits.

The Licensee Program is ideal for CPA’s, Independent Wealth Advisors, Business Coaches, and Consultants with clients earning over $400k, our licensee program trains and teaches you how to work with your clients existing CPA’s and Financial Advisors to deliver guaranteed tax savings results.

Schedule a call today to learn how it works and what it means to become a TaxVantage Consulting Licensee.

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