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I've had the pleasure of witnessing how Wes's strategies have resulted in amazing tax savings for my friends, clients and their families. His expertise, insight and thoughtful explanations have helped my clients and their accountants navigate the complex tax code using sophisticated strategies that are managed in a simple and easy way for the client. Wes also has a unique ability to communicate his strategies to other tax experts, and when they realize the power and authority of his tax planning methods their enthusiasm cannot be understated.

I strongly recommend you check out Wes's book and consider having Wes partner with you and your own tax advisors to uncover efficiencies and start paying less taxes today!


Working with Wes & TaxVantage™ Consulting, LLC revolutionized what I pay in taxes and my business!  This stuff really works.


If you or your clients are tired of overpaying your taxes and you're getting crushed by taxes because you make over $500k per year, this book reveals the truth about being able to pay less - a lot less - and why doing so isn't "too good to be true." And it's written in a way that anyone can understand it!


If you're a high net worth individual looking for ways to reduce your taxes, particularly when selling a non-security asset subject to large capital gains tax, working with Tax Vantage and Wes' book is for you. The Wes Matejka describes a brilliant solution that many tax professionals never even heard of but is effective. Its not for everyone but it can save some people a ton of money.

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